Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Tale of Three Figs

It’s that inevitable time again – dinner time. Neglecting my culinary adventures this past week, I have not been to the store and not have just a few things lying around to work with. Standing in front of the fridge, the cold air surrounding my legs, I lean down to take inventory of my sad selection of food. The rain is falling hard outside and I know there is no way I’m going anywhere. I must make do with what I have.
A crumpled up bag in the far back of the fridge moves slightly as I rummage around. Figs! I then spot several different cheeses I have scattered about and the wheels begin to turn. Though I only have three left, I’m confident I can make a tasty appetizer – or three.

First Fig:
This fig is inspired by a recipe I found on Simply cut the fig into four parts, leaving the base connected, stuff with goat cheese and peppered honey. The creamy salty goat cheese gives way to the sweet honey and cold fig leaving a hint of pepper at the end. What a beautiful idea!
Second Fig:
Inspired only by my taste buds, this fig is a salty sweet concoction consisting of pancetta, honey and a generous slice of burrata cheese. The burrata was a generous gift I received from the clerk at the P&C Market right off Lincoln circle. It is new to me yet the familiar mozzarella taste was very inviting. With its milky center, the sweet fig and honey combined with the salty bite of the pancetta left my taste buds running wild.

Third Fig:
What’s any meal without dessert? The simple combination of vanilla Greek yogurt, sliced fig all drizzled in chocolate sauce was a perfect way to end my fig journey. Using Greek Yogurt allowed for the sweetness of the chocolate sauce and the fig to shine through without being too sweet.

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