Friday, September 10, 2010

Hill's Kitchen Fall Classes

Hooray!! Hill's Kitchen has just announced their upcoming fall classes. Check them out!!

How to Sign up for Cooking Classes


To reserve a space in a cooking class, please email with information about which class you are interested in, number of attendees, email address, and phone number. Please write in the subject line what class(es) you are interested in. We will get back in touch with you to confirm your seat in the class. Once confirmed, we will require prepayment for the class (cash, gift certificates, Visa/MasterCard). We will refund your payment if you cancel more than 48 hours before the scheduled class; cancellations within 48 hours will not be refunded.

Cooking Classes for September and October


Tues, Sept 14, 6:30PM Knife Skills with Marta Mirecki

Sat, Sept 18, 3PM Feast of Fish with Marta Mirecki

Sunday, Sept 26, 11AM Hand Made Pasta with Marta Mirecki

Sunday, Oct 3, 3PM Seasonal Local Cooking with Marni Karlin

Tues, Oct 5, 6:30PM Middle Eastern Vegetarian with Marta Mirecki

Sat Oct 9, 3PM Knife Skills with Marta Mirecki

Wed, Oct 13, 6:30PM Feast of Fish with Marta Mirecki

Thurs, Oct 21, 6:30PM Hand Made Pasta with Marta Mirecki

Sun, Oct 24, 11AM Middle Eastern Vegetarian with Marta Mirecki

Thurs, Oct 28, 6:30PM Knife Skills with Marta Mirecki

Basic Knife Skills -$40

Learning basic knife skills can change cooking from a chore to a real pleasure! This class will teach you the basic cuts and give you the chance to practice them in a fun and relaxed environment. Hill's Kitchen will provide excellent quality Mac knives to practice with- so just bring yourself! Covering everything from knife selection to knife use to knife storage, this class will make you feel more comfortable in the kitchen and help you keep your fingers safe.

Feast of Fish in the Mid-Atlantic - $55

We are lucky to live in the mid-Atlantic and have access to amazing seafood! Join us as we prepare Oysters on the Half Shell, Clams in White Wine, Roasted Whole Fish, and Crab Cakes. We'll discuss sourcing, how to store fish, and why well selected fish should be your ace in the pocket for quick week day meals. This is a demonstration class, so just sit back, enjoy some great food, and ask good questions. No clean up required!

Hand Made Pasta - $45

Handmade pasta is something special- chewy and toothsome but just sticky enough to carry the right amount of sauce. A great accompaniment to dishes like beef bourguignon or braised lamb, or as a simple main dish tossed with pesto and early summer tomatoes; handmade pasta is a skill to master for the coming cold weather. This is a participation class, so everyone will be making their own batch of pasta, with enough to take home. Wear an old shirt and bring good questions!

Middle Eastern Vegetarian - $45

Vegetarian cuisine: It's not just for vegetarians anymore! During this demonstration class you will see some great dishes that adapt themselves well to many other cooking styles. Join us as we prepare Steamed Basmati Rice with Red Lentils, Spinach and Chickpeas, Baba Ghanouj (Roasted Eggplant Dip), and Yogurt Sauce with Garlic, Dill, and Lemon.
Seasonal Local Cooking - $45

The best way to enjoy what is currently in season is to visit a farmers' market, buy the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that catch your eye, and put together a seasonal, local, delicious meal! Join Marni, a Cordon Bleu Paris graduate and general food enthusiast, in exploring the challenge of cooking a market basket dinner. This class will show you some great dishes that can be made with the fruits, vegetables, seafood, or meat that are available in early fall in the DC region. Likely ingredients include potatoes, peppers, early brussels sprouts, and maybe the end of raspberries - but we'll just have to wait and see what's at the market that week! This is a demonstration class, so just sit back, enjoy some delicious food, and bring lots of great questions!

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